The Singing Buddha Podcast

Ep.11 Silencing The Inner Critic

March 29, 2021 Season 1 Episode 11
The Singing Buddha Podcast
Ep.11 Silencing The Inner Critic
Show Notes

In this episode Lucie talks about ways in which we can start to silence the incessant voice of the inner critic.  She also takes a deeper look at the effects of listening to the negative voice on a regular basis and how we can start to overcome our own self sabotage and negative thinking so that we are able to lead more happier and fulfilled lives.

All background music written & produced by Lazy Hammock (Lucie Burns) 
Lucie's music can be found on all major download and streaming platforms under her artist name LAZY HAMMOCK

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Lucie Burns has worked in both the music and personal development industries for over 25 years as a songwriter, music producer, coach and author.  She believes that to be truly happy and successful there must be a balance between mind, body and soul, a connection between awareness and responsibility and a deep desire to live life consciously and kindly, striving not only for the happiness of oneself but also for the happiness of others. This is a balance she always aims for in her personal life and in her work. 

Lucie is signed to Diventa Music under her artist name 'Lazy Hammock,' and has written and produced 10 albums, hitting the No.1 spot 4 times in the Chill-Lounge charts. Her music has been licensed to CBS for the hit US Sitcom 'Life In Pieces' and also to numerous labels including; Sony BMG, EMI, Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound. She has coached thousands of artists in performance, stagecraft, confidence and mindset, songwriting and artist development and appeared on a Ch4 documentary coaching a rising youtube star for his upcoming performances. Lucie is the founder of the performance coaching company 'Stage Ready Artists' and currently works as a freelance performance Coach at B.I.M.M Institute on the professional Musicianship B.A course, alongside delivering Masterclasses and producing music.  Lucie is also the Author of '15 Steps to Lasting Happiness' and  works privately as a life and transformation coach and delivers courses in mindfulness, well-being and personal development.  



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