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Lucie Burns (aka Lazy Hammock)

'Nuggets of creative, transformative and spiritual wisdom to uplift and inspire,' hosted by Lucie Burns, coach, speaker and author of '15 Steps to Lasting Happiness,' also known as the artist, songwriter and music producer 'Lazy Hammock.'In these episodes Lucie delivers her inspiring and thought provoking nuggets of wisdom over a beautiful backdrop of her own music, and delves into all aspects of being a spiritual creative. She looks at what inspires us, connects us, hinders us, makes us and breaks us, and explores various methods in which we can tap into our limitless potential so that we are able to become our best selves, not only creatively, but also mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, so that we are able to navigate our lives and emotions in a more balanced and grounded way within this world, whilst endeavouring to remain true to our core, creative selves. Listen in to either start or continue on your journey of awareness, expansion and creativity, stepping into your own rhythm and unique flow where we can learn to let go, allow and just be, hopefully resulting in a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and the wider universe. / PODCAST BACKGROUND MUSIC: Written and produced by Lazy Hammock (Lucie Burns) / SUPPORT THE SHOW: / If you would like a topic discussed or a question read out and answered on a future podcast, please send to; / ABOUT HOST: Lucie has worked in both the music and personal development industries for over 25 years as a songwriter and music producer, author, coach, course creator and facilitator. She has practiced Nichiren Buddhism for over 16 years and has an interest in Taoism and other spiritual practices and philosophies. She believes that to be truly happy and successful there must be a balance between mind, body and soul, a connection between awareness and responsibility and a deep desire to live life consciously and kindly, striving not only for the happiness of oneself but also for the happiness of others. This is a balance she always aims for in her personal and work life. In 2020 Lucie was shortlisted as one of London's 'New Voices' by BBC Radio London. She is signed to Diventa Music under her artist name 'Lazy Hammock,' and has written and produced 10 albums, hitting the No.1 spot 4 times in the Chill-Lounge charts. Her music has been licensed to CBS for the hit US Sitcom 'Life In Pieces' and also to numerous labels including; Sony BMG, EMI, Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound. She has coached thousands of artists in performance, stagecraft, confidence, mindset, songwriting and artist development and appeared on a Ch4 documentary coaching a rising youtube star for his upcoming performances. Lucie is the Founder of the performance coaching company 'Stage Ready Artists' and she currently works as a freelance performance Coach at B.I.M.M Institute on the professional Musicianship B.A course, alongside delivering Masterclasses and producing music. Lucie also works privately as a life and transformation coach and delivers courses in mindfulness, well-being and personal development and transformation. / LUCIE'S MUSIC can be found on all major streaming and download sites under her artist name 'Lazy Hammock. / WEBSITES; / / / For ONLINE COACHING & COURSES please contact; or /FREE DOWNLOAD: '7 D's to supercharge creative success' - Go to
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